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Anne Speckhard PhD – 3 Comprehensive Publications by an accomplished Expert Witness

September 26th, 2013 · attorneys, certification, expert, Expert Witness, expert witness database, expert witness directory, expert witness maketing, expert witness marketing, expert witness websites, expert witnesses, experts, forensic, forensic expert witness, Legal, Researching Experts, testimony, training

Talking to Terrorists: Understanding the Psycho-Social Motivations of Militant Jihadi Terrorists, Mass Hostage-Takers, Suicide Bombers and “Martyrs” This is an account, spanning over a decade, of traveling through the West Bank and Gaza, into the U.S. Department of Defense prisons in Camp Bucca and Camp Victory, down the alleyways of the Casablanca slums, inside Chechnya, in the radicalized neighborhoods of Belgium, the UK, France and the Netherlands and sitting with the hostages of Beslan and Nord Ost, and talking to terrorists… In it’s pages, Dr. Speckhard gives us an account of what puts vulnerable individuals on the terrorist trajectory and what might also take them back off it.  One of the only experts to have such a breadth of experience – having interviewed over four hundred terrorists, their friends, family members and hostages – having visited, and even stayed overnight at times in the intimate spaces of terrorists’ homes, interviewing them in their stark prison cells or meeting them in the streets of their shanty towns, Dr. Speckhard gives us a rare glimpse of terrorists within their own contexts. From the mouths of terrorists, their family members, comrades—and even their hostages, we learn of the manipulation of human weakness that can lead to their evil acts. Through careful research of culture and religion, a genuine desire to understand the factors that motivate individuals to embrace terrorism, Dr. Speckhard deftly defines the lethal cocktail that leads to the creation of a terrorist. An internationally recognized expert on the psychological aspects of terrorism and an expert in the area of posttraumatic stress disorder, Dr. Speckhard’s studies also produce a knowledge of how to disengage, deradicalize and rehabilitate a terrorist, reversing his or her trajectory. TALKING TO TERRORISTS reveals the humanity in us all—especially in those we least expect—and offers possibilities for achieving a safer world.

Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy SEAL’s Journey to Coming out Transgender (coauthored with Kristin Beck)  Chris Beck played high school football. He bought a motorcycle, much to his mother’s dismay, at age 17.  He grew up to become a Navy SEAL, serving our country for twenty years on thirteen deployments, including seven combat deployments, and ultimately earned a Purple Heart and the Bronze Star. To everyone who saw him, he was a hero.  A warrior. A man.

But underneath his burly beard, Chris had a secret, one that had been buried deep inside his heart since he was a little boy—one as hidden as the panty hose in the back of his drawer.  He was transgender, and the woman inside needed to get out.

This is the journey of a girl in a man’s body and her road to self-actualization as a woman amidst the PTSD of war, family rejection and our society’s strict gender rules and perceptions. It is about a fight to be free inside one’s own body, a fight that requires the strength of a Warrior Princess.

Kristin’s story of boy to woman explores the tangled emotions of the transgender experience and opens up a new dialogue about being male or female: Is gender merely between your legs or is it something much bigger?

Fetal Abduction: The True Story of Multiple Personalities and Murder This is the story of Annette Morales Rodriguez, a hard-working single mother of three.

It is also the story of Lara, a psychopathic killer who abducted another woman’s fetus, killing both mother and baby.

Unbeknownst to Annette, Lara is a part of her: a dissociative identity, or split personality, formed to help Annette deal with the sexual abuse she endured as a child. Highly protective and driven to act solely in Annette’s interests with no regard for the consequences to others, Lara lacks the moral judgment and remorse of a fully-developed personality. It is she who saw Annette’s desire for and inability to have another baby and plotted to cut one from another woman’s belly to give to her.

Lara confessed in gruesome detail. Annette, entirely amnesic throughout the course of events, has no recollection of the behavior Lara carried out. Dr. Anne Speckhard’s jail interviews with Annette—and Lara—offer a fascinating glimpse inside a woman torn in two. Dr. Speckhard’s analysis of Annette’s behavior and her treatment once in police custody beg the questions: How do you separate the guilty from the innocent when they share the same body and when is it acceptable to violate one’s rights in the interest of public safety?

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Interior Design and Architecture Expert Witness

March 12th, 2013 · experts

“You’ll Hear From My Attorney”

by Lloyd Princeton – Interior Design and Architecture Expert Witness

Lately, I have seen the exclamation in writing “If you don’t do XXXX, you will hear from my attorney.” I’ve heard it from a contractor who was expecting a refund that was not forthcoming and from an architect who was afraid his portfolio images might be incorrectly used. In each instance, I thought to myself, “Why is an attorney the first resort in this particular request/dispute?”

As I reflected more on the situations, it occurred to me that these matters could probably be resolved with a face-to-face meeting or, if really necessary, the threat of a small claims suit. I do not mean to trumpet the virtues of small claims court or to bash attorneys, but I believe it is worthwhile to explore ways to avoid over-responding to a situation and possibly setting forth a game of legal attacks.

To continue reading the full article, please go here.

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Entertainment Expert Witness on Independent Film Financing

January 27th, 2012 · experts

“In the Trenches…With the Producers”
by Kathryn Arnold – Entertainment Expert Witness

I often receive inquiries from around the world on how best to go about obtaining film financing. Projects come in all shapes and sizes – a wide array of genres, varying budgets and an assortment of experience levels. In every case, the biggest questions are: How do I put together financing for a movie? What elements need to be attached? Where does the money come from?

To get an accurate picture of what is going on in the industry today, I reached out to good friends who work on all sides of the equation as producers, financiers and distributors, both on the foreign and domestic front. The first interviews in the series are with Cindy Cowan and Jonathon Dana who have been in the trenches for many years as producers, financiers and distributors, and have a vast amount of experience to pull from. Let’s pull back the veil a bit and take a look at what is happening on the streets of independent filmmaking.

KA: Cindy you have been a producer, financier and distributor, what is your background….

CC: In 1995 I co-founded Initial Entertainment Group (IEG) with Graham King. During my time as president, we had a good run that included: an Emmy nomination for Rent-A-Kid starring Leslie Neilson; Emmy, Golden Globe and People’s Choice nominations for If These Walls Could Talk; a United Nations Award for Savior starring Dennis Quaid; and we produced the Oscar winning Traffic starring Michael Douglas. We also did Very Bad Things and Robert Altman‘s Dr. T & the Women.

In 1999, I sold my two-thirds stake in IEG to Splendid Films and started Cindy Cowan Entertainment where I produced Scorched, and Fifty Dead Men Walking. (For a full bio please go to Cindy Cowan)

Jonathon you have an MBA in marketing and a Ph.D in Organizational Behavior, and are considered one of the pioneers in the industry. How did you get involved in the film industry?

JD: I entered the movie business right out of school in 1971 and my first feature film, the documentary “Sandstone” was released successfully in theaters in 1975 and was recently profiled on The History channel. I served as Director of Acquisitions and Development at The Samuel Goldwyn Company, President of Motion Pictures and Television at the Atlantic Entertainment Group, and President and CEO of specialized distribution company Triton Pictures.  I’ve had some luck with some prize-winning films at both Sundance and Cannes, and have been involved with such dramatic films as “The Spitfire Grill,” ” Patty Hearst,” “Palmetto,” “Wish You Were Here, and “Noel”;  comedies including “Valley Girl”,”Teen Wolf,” “Drowning Mona,” and “Scorched;”  foreign language films “Toto the Hero”, “The Hairdresser’s Husband,” and “Soldier of Orange”; and feature documentaries including “A Brief History of Time,” “Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse,”

Currently I serve as Executive Producer on movies, or Consulting Producer, and also occasionally I will serve as Producer’s Representative on movies which other people produce and I then organize the distribution and supervise the marketing, usually world-wide. (For more information please go to Jonathon Dana)

To read the whole article, click here.

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Structured Finance Expert Witness

September 28th, 2011 · experts

So what is Structured Finance and who is a Structured Finance Expert Witness?

As defined online in Wikipedia: Structured finance is a broad term used to describe a sector of finance that was created to help transfer risk and avoid laws using complex legal and corporate entities. This risk transfer as applied to securitization of various financial assets (e.g. mortgages, credit card receivables, auto loans, etc.) has helped to open up new sources of financing to consumers. However, it arguably contributed to the degradation in underwriting standards for these financial assets, which helped give rise to both the inflationary credit bubble of the mid-2000s and the credit crash and financial crisis of 2007-2009.

Craig Wolson, a Structured Finance Expert Witness deals specifically with structured finance topics such as:

  • Cash, synthetic and hybrid Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs),
  • Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs),
  • Collateralized Bond Obligations (CBOs),
  • Asset-Backed Securities (ABS),
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS),
  • Asset-Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP)
  • Structured Investment Vehicles (SIVs)

The Expert Witness Network free search directory at contains many expert witnesses in many different niche areas.  One of these niche areas is structured finance expert witnesses.  To see our listings for these types of experts, click here: Structured Finance

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Grief and Loss Expert Witness on the “Cost of Loss”

September 20th, 2011 · experts

The Cost of Loss

by Dr. Gwen Finestone, MFT, PhD, CT 
Certified Thanatologist and Grief and Loss Expert Witness

I am a psychotherapist, not an attorney, an actuary, or a CPA, and putting a dollar value on a loss is not my area of expertise.  I have an MFT, a PhD, and a CT, not an MBA.  My expertise is in understanding the experience of loss, whether due to trauma, violence, accident, or grief, and its meaning to the person who is suffering the loss.  My special gift is being able to articulate clearly, concisely, and in layperson’s words what I know to my patients and to the attorneys with whom I work as an expert witness.    

First things first, usually when we use the word loss, we are euphemistically referring to death.  We usually mean that a person has died.  However, the concept of loss (and loss issues) is much, much broader than that.  We suffer losses when we divorce, lose a valued job, move to a new neighborhood or school, amputate a limb, go into combat, suffer a life-altering physical injury, have an unwanted hysterectomy, survive a traumatic experience, endure rape, bear years of incest, have an abortion, suffer a miscarriage, or place a child for adoption.  Though no sentient being may have actually died, each of these experiences involves a death of some sort and constitutes a loss of some kind: something dies within us, some part of our Self dies.  Every loss involves the death of some “thing”.   

We can see that each of these experiences has the power to deny us the potential that we hoped for or worked for, and it can alter our idea of who we are or will be.  It may negatively impact our self-worth, cause depression, and change our world view.

Why is loss so powerful and potentially crippling?  Because loss has meaning.  The meaning of an experience, the meaning of the loss, differs for each person.  What does it mean that my spouse cheated on me or is divorcing me, or that I was fired or forced to retire, or that my husband was murdered or paralyzed, or that I was incested or raped, or that I am now facing a lifetime with a neurological deficit?  It is the meaning of the loss that can change an individual’s personality, world view, and life path.  Truth be told, what constitutes a deep narcissistic wound for one person (a piercing wound that erodes one’s identity and sense of Self), may be barely a scratch to another.  There are important factors that make this true, not the least of which is resilience.  Unfortunately, resilience cannot be purchased online, leaving most of us to face Life with what little resilience we might naturally possess.   

What is the cost of loss in financial terms?  I cannot put a value on it, but I do know, unequivocally, that loss has the power to cost a person his or her truest and most potentiated life, and to negatively alter the lives of those who are in significant relationships with the aggrieved party.  As a therapist, it is my job to help the patient understand his losses and the costs to his life, and to guide him out of the darkness of his life and into his potential.  As an Expert Witness, it is my job to evaluate and assess the full psychological impact of a precipitating event on what would have been her realistic life trajectory; to answer the questions, “How has this event affected a client’s realistic potential, redefined her personal efficacy, altered her sense of meaning and purpose, and limited her future?  What are the long term, or irrevocable, or mutable consequences of this event?”  And, of course, it is my job to convey my knowledge and understanding of the client in an intelligent and readily understandable way to the attorneys, judge, and jury. 

My area of specialization is grief and loss issues; consequently, I treat patients who are trying to live their lives under the burden of significant losses.  Some are doing it bravely, some are doing it self-destructively.  All are suffering the lifelong costs of their losses, many of those losses hidden from view.  It is my job to expose and convey the psychological costs and it is a part of the attorney’s job to determine the dollar value of the loss.  Together, we humanize a case by creating a verbal picture of a person and their suffering that is compelling and demands financial justice.    

Dr. Gwen Finestone, MFT, PhD, CT

A practicing Marriage and Family Therapist in Huntington Beach, CA, Dr. Finestone’s doctorate is in Pastoral Ministry, with a specialization in interfaith chaplaincy, and she is nationally certified in Thanatology (the study of death, dying, and bereavement).  She served for many years as a therapist and an interfaith chaplain in hospice, working with the dying and the bereaved.

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Security Expert on Parking Garage Security

July 21st, 2011 · experts

Poor Security Undeserved, Well, Sort of…

Editor, Parking Today:

Parking Vs. Pop Culture makes valid and accurate points. However, the reasons parking garages get such a rap, undeserved, is the abyssmal design and maintenance of so many. Particularly, older garages were built without regard for actual and perceived security, and entirely too many are still built that way. In Mary Smith’s paper, referenced in the article, she makes very valid points about the need for proper design and construction of garages; unfortunately most of these recommendations are not incorporated into a majority of garages. As a security professional often engaged in reviewing and assisting the design of garages, I find entirely too many poorly designed by firms and people without a minimal understanding of how to make garages safe and appealing.

The fact that crime is actually down these last ten years is essentially immaterial, as the consumer’s fear of crime has gone up exactly opposite the decline in crime. Perception for parking garages must equal reality when it comes to proper design. This in turn will lead to the desired turnaround of garages as villains.

Jonathan Lusher, ICCPA
Board Member, Int’l Assoc. of Professional Security
Consultants; Past Chair, Int’l CPTED Assoc.

Article Abstract from July, 2011 (

The Expert Witness Network free search directory at contains many expert witnesses in many different niche areas.  One of these niche areas would be security expert witnesses and parking garage expert witnesses.  To see our listings for these types of experts, click here: Security Expert Witness

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Blasting Expert Witness and Explosives Expert Article

June 14th, 2011 · expert

The Expert Witness Network free search directory at contains many expert witnesses in many different niche areas.  One of these niche areas would be blasting expert witnesses and explosives expert witnesses.  To see our listings for these types of experts, click here: Blasting Expert Witness

The excerpt below is from an article from Pit & Quarry and is a good example of where explosives and blasting expert witness may be required.

Quarry-style drilling and blasting is used to excavate a large construction site in the Bronx.

A water treatment/filtration plant (designated the Croton Water Treatment Plant Project) will be built on site once the excavation is completed. The plant will be subterranean, lying directly below Van Cortlandt Park’s Mosholu Golf Course.

The pictures most people conjure up when New York City (NYC) comes to mind are skyscrapers, the bright lights of Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center at Christmastime and Fifth Avenue where only the affluent dare to shop.

One of the most extraordinary sights, however, is outside Manhattan in the Bronx, where a great excavation is under way. The excavation opening is nine acres, and will be 90-ft. deep when completed. A total of 175,000 in situ cu. yd. of overburden is being removed, followed by 950,000 in situ cu. yd. (1.6-million tons) of rock.

Challenge; Solution; Tip
Challenge; Solution; Tip


There are a number of considerations when carrying out a construction project in NYC. There are the logistics to access the project, i.e., construction materials deliveries and the exporting of excavated materials, which are slowed by daily traffic snarls. Additionally, there are strict security regulations to follow during construction activities that were brought about by the tragic 9/11 event. This includes special drilling and blasting regulations.

Sandvik Mining and Construction and its dealer Contractors Supply Inc., has assisted the contractor, Schiavone Construction Company Inc., Secaucus, N.J., in addressing many of the special regulations on drilling and blasting. This includes supplying efficient, environmentally friendly drilling rigs.

Schiavone is making this project a successful one with its skillful management team. The company has many years of experience in carrying out major construction projects in NYC and has continually demonstrated its ability to complete projects on time with quality results.

Only the complete project’s cost of $1 billion overshadows the excavation phase of it, which is costing more than $127-million. The owner of the project is the NYC Department of Protection (DEP), which is responsible for NYC’s water supply.

Full Article




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Forensic Fire Expert: Large Life Loss Fire Investigation

May 25th, 2011 · experts

Forensic Fire Expert, James McMullen Investigates Mexico Fire

49 Children Die in Day Care Fire in Hermosillo, Mexico

On June 5, 2009 a devastating fire occurred in the ABC Day Care Facility in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, a city of about 700,000 people. Forty-nine (49) children died from the fire as a result of smoke inhalation and/or burns with scores more injured.

 The large life loss raised doubts about the safety standards at more than 1, 500 day care centers where the Mexican government funds low cost day care for over 200,000 children between the ages of 49 days and 4 years old.   This was a very emotional assignment due to the loss of so many young children and the outrage this created in the community.  This required meetings with advocates, parents and the news media to inform them of our investigation and how we would proceed.

 James McMullen and his team of 3 other forensic fire experts conducted the investigation on the cause, origin, and spread of the fire within the building complex. In addition, the investigation incorporated many other aspects, including an analysis of the fire safety codes and standards as well as life safety features of the building complex involved in the fire.  The investigation also focused on the requirements of the applicable National, State and City Codes, Regulations and Standards.

Upon return to the United States a final report was produced.  The analysis, review and summary of the findings, laboratory analysis of samples, and code and regulation review were used in the final report submitted to the Supreme Court of Justice (Mexico).

The findings were that the fire occurred and spread extremely fast due to failure of compliance with fire and life safety codes and regulations as adopted by the city of Hermosillo and the State of Sonora.  The final report provided a number of recommendations to avert future catastrophes due to fire in these federally-licensed daycare centers.

To learn more about James McMullen and his team of fire investigation experts at The McMullen Company, visit our free expert witness directory at

Fire Investigation Expert Witness

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Chiropractic Expert Witness: Ten Best Ways to Avoid Going to the Chiropractor

March 14th, 2011 · experts

Dr. Andrew Mark Rodgers
Chiropractic Expert Witness – Fort Lee Chiropractic Associates

  1. Stretch your Hamstrings – Lay on your back, thirty times a day in three sets of ten repetitions. Start before getting out of bed, leg straight, circles with your foot.
  2. Use a moist heating and on your back, two pillows under your knees for twenty minutes, three times a day. Those lumbar muscles fatigue then tear resulting in spasm. That tear misaligns the sacroiliac joint the most common cause of low back pain actually mimicking a disc herniation. 80% of low back pain is not caused from a herniated disc, but from a S.I joint misalignment and lumbar muscle tearing, so nurture with heat and rest those lumbars and they will support you.
  3. Check out the McKenzie protocol for stretching and strengthening especially prone hyperextension, but tips one and two never let anything interfere with these first two.
  4. Cardiovascular and proper breathing techniques. Reclined bicycle and fast to regular speed walks at least three times a week. Of course, swimming is the gold standard for non-weight bearing C.V. exercise and toning. Muscles need oxygen to fire.
  5. Lean towards a vegetarian whole grain daily food plan.
  6. Positive Mental Attitude – Reinforcement every five minutes. Talk to yourself. Everything is O.K. I can do this, I will do it, I am doing it.
  7. Avoid Flexion-Bending forward and sitting. If sitting is vital, boost up on a wedge tilting you forward, thereby restoring the natural lumbar lordosis.
  8. A healthy neck, upper/mid back and low back are a daily life style of standing, (check out- Alexander Technique), sitting and sleeping correctly. Defy one of these starting in the morning, it all falls apart collectively.
  9. Be a proactive, compliant, self-caring manager of your own health and life, of course. Be enthusiastic, pain and poverty are horrific and preventable.
  10. Periodical spinal check-ups to any professional practicing manipulative medical procedures. Presently, your chiropractor is the specialist for this and the most versed and experienced. In your insurance company, managed care directories under specialists, this will check for spinal and pelvic misalignment from prior falls or accidents, emotional stress or chemical stress. These misalignments (subluxations) are like dental cavities. These spinal and pelvic misalignments (called subluxation by can be hidden for a long time, then cause acute or chronic symptoms. Have them corrected preventatively at your monthly chiropractic check-up.

To learn more about Chiropractic Expert Witness,  Dr. Andrew Rodgers and Fort Lee Chiropractic, visit his expert witness profile.

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Expert Witness Explains Difference in Cayman Islands Legal System

February 25th, 2011 · experts

Guest Post: Garrick Infanger, Armstrong Forensic Engineers

 The legal system in the Cayman Islands operates one unusual, and perhaps progressive, difference from United States custom and law. Operating under British law, the Cayman Islands uses different rules governing expert witnesses. Accident reconstruction expert witness Jeffrey D. Armstrong, P.E. recently testified as an expert in two trials in the Cayman Islands.

Expert witnesses for both sides of the case meet prior to the court date to discuss the case and examine points of fact that can be agreed upon by both experts. Mr. Armstrong explains that these shared points are no longer in question in court and questions in the case only relate to the areas that the expert witnesses disagree. This provides an interesting—and often time-saving—approach to expert witness testimony.

Read more: Cayman Compass.

See Jeffrey D. Armstrong, P.E.’s expert witness profile in the Expert Witness Network directory.

To learn more about many different expert witnesses, visit our free searchable directory at

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